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Employee Motivational Programmes

Your worker (any junior staff) is your working partner.


Positive Attitude Development Programme in मराठी OR HINDI.

थोङक्यात - Corporate Sanskar (संस्कार)

It is very essential to impart positive attitude to our junior most employee in a very friendly manner & in a very easy to understand language.

This is very different to the training we give to our executives/managers.

अतिशय साध्य़ा रितीने कामगारांना सकारात्मक दृष्टीकोनाचे (Positive Attitude) महत्व पटवून देणे हेच या Programme चे Objective आहे. यामुळे त्यांचा कामातील सहभाग वाढतो व कामाचा दर्जा उंचावतो.

Transform your junior staff & workers into your working partners. तुमचे कामगार हे तुमच्या कामातील भागीदार होतील.

You will agree that not only managers but junior staff & even workers contribute in the growth of our organization.Normally we send our Managers & Executives to training & seminars. But it is equally important for our junior staff & workers to manage their job well. And this needs a program for them too.

But what about the language ? पण भाषेचे काय ?

We offer a special program on Positive Organization Development in Marathi / Hindi.

Focus – Based on philosophy that organizations gain from building on positive strengths, program will focus on strength based positive approaches,leading thru Emotional Intelligence,creating high-engagement work cultures & coaching for high performance.

For whom – Junior Staff & Workers

Format - Development of Positive approach thru following aspects (सकारात्मक दृष्टीटीकोन)

1. Getting Organized (व्यवस्थितपणा)
2. Do it now (आजचे काम आता करणे)
3. Learning from experience (अनुभवातून शिकणे)
4. Importance of Customer (ग्राहकाचे महत्व)
5. Balancing work & family life (काम व कुटुंब यांचा तोल साभाळणे)

Above will be explained in a very easy to understand language.
Participation level – Junior staff & workers. (Ideally 20 to 25 participants)

Duration – 4 hours
Venue – At your doorstep / any convenient place

We can also conduct training programme of specific soft skill of your choice, for your employees.