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Electrical Safety Audit


The scope covers review of the following aspects of the electrical safety audit.



  1. Safety compliance of the total plant electrical installation as per Indian Standards and Code of Practices .
  2. Identifying the electrical hazards i.e. fire, shocks, wrong installation causing risk to operating persons, equipments etc.
  3. Statutory compliance specifically as per CEA 20th Sept. 2010 notification the regulations for Measures Relating to Safety & Electric Supply.
  4. Safety procedures, methodology followed & documentation.
  5. Safety awareness towards zero accidents.
  6. The review of monthly energy bill / contract demand records & measurement system up to main PCC level only to check on electrical loading of the system for safe operation.
  7. The records & documentation work for statuary submission, maintenance practices shall be reviewed during safety audit.
  8. The Electrical Safety system review like policy, technical aspect of safety, work permit system, electrical SOP’s, system & practices access & over all communication system etc.
  9. Safety department support to the safety compliance aspects of the electrical nature.
  10. The review of electrical safety management system.
  11. The assistance will be given to prepare detailed action plan upon completion of safety audit.
  12. The Audit Report with Executive Summary.